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Course Overview > Introduction and preparation

Preparing for the course

This course assumes basic knowledge of statistics and programming in R.

To make sure you can run all the code smoothly you will need to update your R and Rstudio to the latest version (at least 4.2 version of R). To install the R software on your computer go to and follow the instructions for downloading the latest version. Depending on how you update your R, you might need to update your R packages.

To install RStudio go to and download ‘RStudio Desktop’ (the basic, free version). You will need to install the R software before installing RStudio. Once both are installed always start any R session by opening RStudio (R will be opened automatically).

It is very important that you install all the required packages before the course and make sure they all work. To do that, please download and run the PackagesCPUEWorkshop file. This should be done before the workshop and will take at least 30 minutes or more, depending on your internet connection speed.

If you are having problems with installing packages or running R scripts, please post them into this discussion group on the course GitHub page. We encourage all course participants to help each other and share their solutions.